Starting on January 1st for 100 days I will be posting 100 innovative examples of how business schools around the world are engaging in sustainability and the SDGs. This acts as a complementary resource to my latest book, The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education. 

Credit: Christian Schott

Dr Christian Schott’s Managing Visitor Impacts course at Victoria Business School in Wellington in New Zealand uses digital technology to immerse students in the topic of sustainable tourism development. It provides a virtual fieldtrip that brings students into two villages in Fiji that are at a crossroads in tourism development. Students watch video interviews of key people in the village. They can walk around the island virtually in 3D as part of their assessment of the scenario. They are set an assignment where working in small teams and role-playing a tourism consultancy they carry out discussions in the field. They then submit a report in the form of an online collaborative using video and audio recording. Click here for more.