Starting on January 1st for 100 days I will be posting 100 innovative examples of how business schools around the world are engaging in sustainability and the SDGs. This acts as a complementary resource to my latest book, The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education. 

Credit: GVV

There are countless strong examples of how business schools are teaching their students to be ‘ethical’. One of these is The Giving Voice to Values (GVV) curriculum based at Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Rather than taking the approach of persuading people to be more ethical, the GVV starts from the premise that most of us already want to act on our values, but that we also want to feel that we have a reasonable chance of doing so effectively and successfully. Drawing on the actual experience of business practitioners as well as social science and management research, GVV helps students, business leaders, employees, and other practitioners identify the many ways that individuals can and do voice their values in the workplace, and provides the opportunity to script and practice this voice in front of their peers. Click here to read more.