You are (or should be) proud of your campus and all of your sustainability related projects. Unfortunately, many of your students aren’t on campus to engage in these. No worries – bring the projects to them. Communicate regularly with your student body about ways they would have engaged in sustainability on campus and give them ways to bring these ideas, and apply them, to wherever they are studying whether that is a house, an apartment etc. So, if you have honeybees on campus, show students how they can plant flowers that attract honeybees. If you are a fair-trade university, direct students to buy the same fair-trade products at home. If you have eliminated plastic water bottles, send students the same reusable cups they would have been using on campus (or tell them where to buy them). If you acknowledge the traditional owners of the land before presentations on campus (as they do in Australia for example), encourage your students to explore who the traditional owners of the land they are based on is. Turn all of your students’ homes into an extended version of your sustainable campus.