One thing that has come out of this pandemic is a greater awareness of how challenging this situation has been on the elderly, families, small business owners and many other groups, including many that form part of your alumni base. Transform your empty student accommodation into temporary residences for those who are most prone and vulnerable to the pandemic or that are suffering the most from its effects, both physically and financially. Many have found themselves quarantined for extended amounts of time alone in their homes. Instead they would, under certain COVID-19 rules and understanding, live together and support and learn from each other. Different buildings or floors could have different groups that could be given similar support or mix them up with the students for a unique student experience. This may even continue post COVID-19 to a certain extent (our residence floor would have been a lot more interesting if our floor monitor had been an ex ballroom dancer turned first female CEO of a major pharmaceutical, mother of 3 failed small businesses, retired 4 times, and now telling students to smarten up and get their act together).