I try to hit the pause button often. This is because I like to immerse myself in whatever I’m currently working on. But emails keep coming in, the laundry builds up, kids show up at my door demanding to come in and play and eat my food. Pandemics stop me from being able to see all the people I haven’t been able to see anyways because I just want to immerse myself in what I am doing right now. If I were a proper author, like one that writes about magicians, llamas or that guy that lived once upon a time, I could apply for writers retreats: a space in a beautiful forest where I could set up with my computer, all expenses paid, for several days, even weeks at a time with uninterrupted time to write and think (even sleep).

I’d like my business school to offer retreats for people like me, a quiet space on a nice part of your campus. Give me internet, access to the library and other resources on campus. In return I’ll conduct a workshop/speak to students/write an article/share what I come up with and be eternally thankful for giving me a quiet, distraction free room to properly immerse myself (writing “I’m on a professional retreat at University of X” sounds much better on an away message than “It’s not you, I’m ignoring everyone’s emails”). I’m not the only one. There are countless alumni, want to be entrepreneurs, professionals etc. who might like this as well. Not room in the basement though please.