Not able to send students out on summer internships? You can, just think about it in a different way. Pair students with individuals instead of organisations. They can act almost as executive assistants to that person virtually, helping them with what they can. This means that they may be able to get involved in different kinds of projects and opportunities. However, because of the way people are currently working, it may also give them more time to develop a one on one relationship with this person meaning the internships turns into a mentorship at the same time. While many businesses may not be in a position to respond, instead I strongly encourage you to connect with organisations working on the SDGs and social and environmental issues in the community, in particular at a time like this. While it seems like the world has stopped, all of these crucial issues have not. It could also be useful to pair students with professionals working at home while caring for others who don’t have as much time to finish projects as usual and would benefit and appreciate from the additional assistance (paid or unpaid).  

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