Lately, when I turn on the news, and for the first time in a long time I wonder; in the rush to recover economically post COVID-19, are we at a point where we are going to forget all the progress we have made in terms of environmental and social issues? Have we really learnt nothing? This term, instead of your usual offerings (since for many it is increasingly clear that these will be challenging to continue), create an adapted curriculum that is focused on reminding as many people as you possibly can in your community that economic progress cannot come without environmental and social progress. Remind them that we live in a system where everything is inter-connected, and that the SDGs are not just three letters of the alphabet. Have programmes for a wide variety of people from potential students, current students, graduates and alumni, to your community, politicians and industries such as building etc that will quickly and easily remind them (or introduce them) of tools they can use to ensure that these issues are not forgotten and are a key part of “building back better”. Right now is the moment we need management education to step up and be the influence they often speak of being. The planet and our societies need this now more than ever.