Last week my 7-year-old was student of the week at school. Every day for a whole week he was given the chance to tell the others in his class about himself; his talents, his likes and dislikes, his background and family, his future plans. He said it was really interesting to learn what made everyone in his class different and special and gave him some good ideas.

When one does a business degree, or any degree, what you all have in common is that you are taking the same degree programme. But, and this is especially the case with MBA and other programmes that require experience, each student brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experiences that can and should be shared. Business degrees would have a student of the day, and each student would be featured once during their degree. On their day not only will other students learn about them but they will have the chance to do a presentation to fellow students of something they are passionate or knowledgeable about relating to their career or/and lives. This not only shows students all the different career paths one can take, but will give them a chance to learn from other students, perhaps even something that will end up directly impacting their own career aspirations moving forwards.