Work/Life balance is a tricky thing… it really is a life/work balance and actually, if you think about it further, it shouldn’t have to be a balance at all. When we go to work in the morning, we are expected to leave everything else happening in our lives at home. It shouldn’t interfere with work. But for the vast majority of people it is much easier said than done, and we should explore how to make “work” much more “life” friendly. COVID-19 is showing very clearly that everyone has a different situation in their life part of their work/life balance, some individuals and even some groups more than others. It is hard to ignore so many are being more flexible and understanding because of it right now. How can we continue to have this flexibility and understanding after things go back to “normal”? What can you do as a university to help this? How do we teach and approach business in a different way to that it is more accommodating and accepting of ‘life’ for the benefit of all? This is an important part of what sustainability is all about.