Back when I decided to go to business school, I tried to visit the campuses of the schools that interested me. While on paper most schools look and sounds pretty similar, it is on campus that you get a taste of the culture, what makes each school unique and different. With everyone’s campus online at the moment, your campus is not currently one of your selling points. Around the world museums, national parks, even zoos have gone online, giving virtual tours, even showing animal feeding live. Take your campus online too. Organise virtual tours of campus, or of specific buildings or locations on campus. This can include information about what happens in those buildings (research for example), even the architecture, history, environmental projects, the bird that has a nest on the side of the building, anything that you or your community is interested in. If there is a natural area on campus that students often like to walk through, have a livestream of that. Have beehives on campus? Live stream that. Find ways to continue to connect your students with campus and vice versa, including for prospective students who can’t visit before making their important decisions.