FutureMBA CircleHappy New Year!

In 2014 I posted one short idea a day, for 100 days, exploring how we could rethink business education to ensure that it produces the kinds of leaders that our businesses and the planet need, in particular in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A very special thanks to all of you who followed and supported the 100 ideas and even implemented some of the ideas.

Last year I had the chance to revise the ideas, rethink and rewrite them as well as come up with quite a few new ideas and publish them in a book with Greenleaf. The book is called The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for making Sustainability the Business of Business Education and is out now. Rather than provide an implementation roadmap, these ideas are meant to be a source of inspiration to turn the management education sector into a key player in moving the sustainability agenda forward. I’m hoping they will encourage schools to think about these topics in different ways…and put in place new and exciting initiatives.

To coincide with the release of this book, starting on Monday for 100 days I’ll be posting some of my favorite examples of how business schools are implementing these, and developing their own innovative ideas in business schools, and other organisations, around the world (here we go again!). These are ways that schools around the world are already active in engaging in the Sustainable Development Goals.

You can submit your own ideas to be included and shared with deans, directors, students, staff and businesses around the world by visiting Submit an Example or sending me a quick email.

As with the first 100, all emails will be short and (hopefully) sweet.



P.S. I developed a free short course online to help you develop your own innovative ideas. Click here to read more and sign up: Re-imagining the Future Business Degree.