The Neo-demographic Laboratory for Analytics in Business (N-LAB) will provide a state-of- the-art teaching, data visualisation and research facility based within Nottingham University Business School in collaboration with The Horizon Institute (Digital Economy Research). The N-LAB is globally focused, exploring the potential of big data to inform business development and welfare projects, with a key strand of activity centred upon Sub-Saharan Africa. The N-LAB builds upon the significant momentum achieved via a series of international research projects funded by a range of bodies, including the EPSRC, ESRC, DFID, Newton Funds, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Innovate UK. In Sub-Saharan Africa the N-LAB is enabling innovations in business and citizen analytics to inform market development, transport development and public policy in collaboration with various commercial partners and the World Bank. This involves re-purposing digital commercial data for social advancement, drone mapping and community mapping. Click here to learn more.