The University of Guelph College of Busines and Economics has a number of innovative programmes focused around sustainability and food. The student-run campus restaurant was named one of Canada’s greenest restaurants. Students study food waste, the impact of nutritional labelling on consumer choice, and the benefits of servicing healthy, local food. Students in first year also take part in Lemonade Day, a unique day were students all need to develop and sell their own brand of lemonade in teams, market in innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and generate as much profit as possible (which is all donated to a local charity). In terms of research, faculty are exploring food waste in restaurants, international food fraud, the ethical treatment of animals and food traceabilitblty. They release the Food Price Report annual which provides Canadians with a forecast of the food retail industry. The university also has a Sustainable Restaurant Project Symposium every year focused on working with industry, government, NGOs and academica on the sustainable future for the restaurant industry across Canada.