Day 0 – 100 Innovative Examples Over 100 Days

Happy New Year! In 2014 I posted one short idea a day, for 100 days, exploring how we could rethink business education to ensure that it produces the kinds of leaders that our businesses and the planet need, in particular in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A very special thanks to all

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Day 77: Steps to Change

The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 goals and 169 targets agreed upon by the international community set to be reached by 2030. They were developed through the largest international consultation ever with a range of stakeholders including government, NGOs and business.  After the launch of the SDGs in 2015, ISAE/FGV initiated an

By |April 23rd, 2017|

Day 76: Waste Bucket Challenge

Recyclmania is an 8-week waste minimization and diversion competition and benchmarkting tool that takes place in Canada and the United States every spring. Over 400 schools participate by reporting the amount of recycling and trash collected each week. The schools are ranked in various categories based on who recycles the most on a per capita

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Day 75: 2030

A group of researchers from different disciplines across the University of Limerick formed a student think tank addressing the question of how to make Limerick a safer, healthier city. Health Futures Lab brought economics and marketing KBS students together with others from architecture, product design, engineering, interactive media and occupational therapy. Over a five-week period

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Day 74: Trade, Investment and Development

In 2013, the Trade, Investment and Development Observatory was created with the support of the virtual institute of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD). UNCTAD’s mission is to promote inclusive and sustainable development in international trade with a particular focus on emerging markets. The Observatory at EAFIT is organised by students from

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Day 73: Water, Water, Water

The Student Water Environment Federation is an organisation at University of Wisconsin Whitewater in the US that educates individuals and organisations about emerging water business issues, promotes water business opportunities, and develops and support strong alliances. They promote an atmosphere where ideas and solutions to water problems can flourish. The group’s goal is to increase

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Day 72: Changing the World

The Hult Prize is the world’s largest student competition with the prupose to transform students into entrepreneurs who are focused on using business to end poverty. Launched in 2009 as one student’s bright idea, the prize challenges students around the world to use business to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. To help make

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Day 71: Business in Conflict

In the Social Innovation elective, students worked alongside UNDP staff in Yemen to address some seemingly unsolvable problems brought about by the on-going conflict. With economic activity brought to a standstill and people unable to meet their most basic needs, students were challenges to answer: How do you overcome constrained – or no – access

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Day 70: From Rio to Roskilde

Copenhagen Business School in Denmark has been partnering with Roskilde Festival since 2013. For two weeks in June and July, Roskilde Festival, the second largest music festival in Europe, becomes a temporary city with 130,000 residents. It represents a perfect laboratory for combining research with the development of business models related not only to the

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Day 69: Reporting

ISAE/FGV in Brazil prepares annual sustainability reports outlining their sustainability practices. They use the G4 guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative – an international methodology that companies around the world use to prepare their reports. Weaved in throughout the report are also links to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as well as their work

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Day 68: Ideas for Action

Ideas for Action is a joint initiative of the World Bank Group and the Wharton School to foster youth engagement in international development. Every year, students and young professionals from around the world devise innovative new strategies for financing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Winners of the competition receive the opportunities to present their ideas

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