Discussions about sustainability usually end up in discussions about money: how much of it do we need and where is it going to come from? I don’t see money as the major issue; its people. We need more people willing to get the work done that is needed, both paid and non-paid. Now, what I hear you ask is a good source of people who are smart, willing to work and learn, and who, after engaging deeper in these issues, will then bring these lessons with them throughout their careers? Yes, business schools.  Business schools are still all so busy trying to fit their “normal” into this very much changed world. But why? Since 2020 is anything but a normal year, what if we committed that all business schools for the next six months would have a very different programme focused on the planet, on getting things done in terms of research, engagement and the SDGs? This would include journals, research, partnerships, as well as teaching. At the end of the six months, you can then go back to normal if you like, or realise that maybe this is part of a new, better normal for you as an institution.