For some, these times have given us time to stop, to pause our normally hectic lives and, possibly, reflect on many things whether that be our careers, our work, our relationships, our lives. This isn’t something we often get the chance to do, or rather, give ourselves the time to do. We should though, not only for ourselves but also for the world around us.  Business schools will start including reflection time, a day/week regularly where students are given the time, and importantly the tools, to reflect on a number of levels; both their careers and lives but also in relation to the subjects of the courses they are enrolled in, whether that be ethics or finance or economics.  A series of speakers and assignments will help give students the tools and structure to do some of this reflecting. The aim is to give students the chance to stop and think about what they are learning and experiencing rather than just rushing through it all and, hopefully, learn how to take this time throughout their lives and careers.