Starting on January 1st for 100 days I will be posting 100 innovative examples of how business schools around the world are engaging in sustainability and the SDGs. This acts as a complementary resource to my latest book, The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education.


The Design for Extreme Affordability course (also called Extreme) is a two-quarter, multidisciplinary project based course offered jointly by the Graduate School of Business and the School of Engineering at Stanford University in the US. The course focuses on engaging a number of students from across disciplines to learn to design products and services that will chagne the lives of the world’s poorest citizens. Students work directly with course partner organisations on real world problems, the culmination of which is actual implementation of solutions and real change. Over the past 13 years, 489 students have worked with 45 partner organisations in 27 countries on solutions in the areas of agriculture, architecture, energy, food processing, irrigation, lighting, medical devices, nutrition, sanitation, stove technology and water catchment and purification. Partners are often the implementers of these innovations, but sometimes student teams form their own organisations to carry an idea forward. For more click here.