Day 95. Creative SpaceWhen it comes to solving the world’s, and business’s challenges, creativity, generating new ideas, thinking outside the box and innovation are all skills that future graduates will need. Despite the fact that most business school students do not come from a traditional “creative’ background, it is important that they explore how to be inspired by the world around them and more importantly to better understand how they can tap into their own creative spirit to come up with new ideas, products, projects in their respective jobs.

In the Future MBA there will be a creative space on campus. This space will contain a supply of movies, music and musical instruments, furniture, art and craft supplies from around the world. Established and emerging artists from different fields will be invited to share their work. It will be a highly interactive space where the items will change constantly.

Students will have the chance to enter the space to explore their own creativity and different methods of tapping into it, to see what inspires them and how and to help them to put that inspiration to good use in their work now and moving forward. The space will be created and updated through partnerships with local museums, art galleries and art centres who will both send individuals to work on campus with the students and invite the students to their spaces to explore their work.