Day 87. No Business ClassesMany of the students that choose to do graduate business degrees already have a business degree and the vast majority have been working in business for several years. At the same time, many businesses are questioning the benefits of hiring graduates of MBA programmes. How can we create an MBA programme that really focuses on creating better managers and leaders?

The Future MBA would have limited quantitative business classes – these could be a pre-requisite for admission (and a parallel programme would exist focused on these). The point of the degree will be to develop the students into managers and leaders, to expose them to a wide range of experiences, that will help develop them as individuals and as managers within any business. The programme would be purely based on skill development, exposure to a range of global and non business opportunities to help create leaders that better understand the world that their business and others works, that can identify a range of new opportunities and know how to move their team and the business as a whole into new and exciting directions.