Day 86. MembershipDo the Business Schools of the future need to provide degrees at the graduate level? Could they not instead become a service that provides individuals and businesses with an on-going number of on demand products such as training and advisory products which are up to date and relevant?

The Future MBA would be a memberships based programme. The Business Schools themselves might have a range of different types of memberships and membership levels for individuals of all ages and for businesses. Memberships would last years, even a lifetime, and give members access to a range of services whenever the individual wants or is ready for that service.

Individuals who become members can have access to, and have a certain amount of influence over, the different services the school offers members such as short and long courses, events, advisor services, networking, access to resources and information etc. Businesses can also become members to give their employees access to on-going training and personal improvement opportunities. The businesses can co-create courses with the university they are a member of to co deliver to employees from that company, or open up to employees and individuals from other companies. Individuals and business can choose to be a member of one or several different business schools based on reputation, specific expertise areas or location.