Day 85

Influence is a powerful tool. We as individuals are influenced by the neverending stream of messages we hear and see in the world around us. These messages, how we interpret them and the importance we assign to them, shape and guide our actions in our jobs, as consumers, and in our every day life. At the same time we too have the power to influence others with what we say and how we act, both for good and for bad. With the increase in social media, instant sharing and communication of information, it is important that future leaders understand what is influencing their behaviours (and that of others) at a conscious and subconscious level and also understand how to manage this.

The Future MBA will have a module focused on the topic of influence. This module will look at both how we can better understand, filter, deal with the influences that we feel around us, in particular those that influence our decisions at work. It will also look at the positive power of influence to change minds and behaviours within a business and in society as a whole.