Day 95A current core MBA class typically runs for several months. Students of all levels of knowledge are mixed together, including students who have little interest in the topic and others who are hoping to become experts. This provides many opportunities to learn from peers but also results in students spending many hours in classes that are of little relevance to them.

Most MBA programme officers already note that the MBA curriculum is full and that it is very difficult to add anything new into the programme. Instead in the future, MBAs may look at changing the way courses are taught to ensure that every moment that a student is in the classroom is beneficial to them and therefore teaching them a skill that they can take with them moving forward.

One solution to this is to change the structure of the core courses in the MBA. Rather than one long course that everyone sits through, the core course would be divided into three parts. Lets take Finance as an example. The first part of the course brings all the students together for an introduction and overview of the topic. For the second part the group is divided into two; the first group would be for those interested in careers in finance or those with experience in this area who want to go into depth in this topic. The second group will be for the rest of the students who will also be exposed to the topics but from a different view point and language. At the end of this second part of the class all students will come back together to explore the topic as it relates to the business community moving forward.