Day 81We often hear that we need graduates who can think outside the box, who can take a 360-degree view of a challenge and offer and analyse a range of possible solutions. However many of the assignments reward the first and most obvious answers without pushing students to explore the topic further. Many lessons relating to social and environment issues are never raised because they don’t make it into the first, most obvious answer.

In the Future MBA classes will be taught in different ways that encourage students to think about the challenges, and the solutions more broadly. One tool for facilitating this type of learning would be a tool called Plus one. For every answer or solution offered in an assignment, project or class discussion, students will need to offer a second alternative. This will be done even when the question has a ‘clear’ right or wrong answer to encourage students to question long standing assumptions. This will push students to question their answers, to dive deeper into the topics, to not necessarily settle on the first or most obvious answer and to explore more than one possible scenario.