The way tDay 80o tell whether a student has successfully completed a required course is traditionally through their final grade, be that an A, B, C, D each with an added plus or minus sign attached, or a fail. But does this grade really say anything about what the student learnt and more importantly how they learnt it and their ability to use that information post graduation?

Although students will have to successfully complete all the requirements of the degree in order to graduate, they can choose early on how this will be presented to potential recruiters. For example a student who is going into a career where they do not need high marks in Finance can opt for a pass/fail. That same student can choose to do additional work in their Finance courses for a special, expanded grade to show their interest and knowledge in that topic. Students can also choose to not be marked on specific classes at all but on, for example, a final project that they could not have done if they had not successful completed all the required material, for example a research project or starting a new business. This will allow students to focus on those topics of interest to them while still being able to show they have the basics.