Day 78Business school students often come from business, study business and then go back into business. How do we expose our future business leaders to a wider range of ideas? How do we create better, more well-rounded and balanced managers?

In the Future MBA there will be a class called Something Different. In this class each student needs to choose something completely unrelated to the work that they are doing in the business degree to focus on. This could be a passion such as baking or surfing, learning about indigenous medicines or archaeology or exploring the world of salsa clubs or literature. Once they choose their topic they will be asked to immerse themselves into that topic for the duration of the class based on the goal they have set themselves, for example to learn ballroom dancing and compete in a ballroom dancing competition by the end of the class or to write a adventure novel. The students will then need to not just present what they have done and learnt but also get other students engaged and excited about their topic of interest.