Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 14.45.37How do you strengthen every part of the school while also getting students more engaged and giving them a range of unique experiences and view points they will likely not get during their careers, while also keeping them humble?

In the Future MBA, every student admitted with be allocated a job on campus. These jobs are randomly distributed and are not based on the student’s strengths, background or skills, but more likely some of their weaknesses. The jobs could be working on the schools transportation strategy, coordinating the cleaning of meeting rooms, serving coffee in the café on campus or coordinating the ordering of text books at the campus book store. The jobs will rotate during the school year or students can stay in the same job if they desire.

The jobs will expose students to some of the inner workings of the school, let them as a class be more accountable for the environment around them and give them the opportunity to leave a mark by making it stronger. They will have a chance to innovate, to learn new skills, to collaborate and to use the school itself as a sort of a test lab for new ideas.