Day 76How do you facilitate connections between different students from a variety of disciplines at a different level than what is happening during classes?

The Future MBA will have a special university residence where students can live. The building would be self-sufficient and use all the latest green building technologies including the use of small community gardens at the ground level and on the roof. A variety of types of living accommodation would be available from dorm style to more private suites for singles, couples or even families. The rooms will be organized in a way that will allow the spaces to be reconfigured and shifted based on needs and changing circumstances. The residents would be students as well as a handful of recent alumni and would be a mix of both business students as well as students from other non-business disciplines. Mixed throughout would be a range of large common areas set up to encourage the sharing of ideas and collaboration on projects. These projects could be related to the residence themselves or starting new businesses including a resource space with access to advisors 24 hours a day.