Day 67In the same way that we need to strengthen the MBA to be able to create the next generation of sustainable managers and leaders that the world needs, even more important perhaps is the need to strengthen the PhD programmes that create the next generation of professors and researchers that teach these students and support business schools.

The PhD programme in the Future MBA will require candidates to take a range of courses and projects similar to those taken by MBA students, including a placement working in an organization focused on the topic of their research. Research will need to be based on and will be judged in part by its relevance and impact on the business world, both in the short and long term. They will be required to have both a good general knowledge and understanding of the business environment today as well as more specialized knowledge in a topic of their choosing. PhD students will be given training in teaching and communicating effectively and their teaching experience and abilities will be just as important in their graduation as their research. They will also be required to translate their research into language understandable and usable by a range of different audiences and presented in non academic venues.

If we change the next generation of PhDs, perhaps they can in turn tackle the challenges that are limiting our ability to really move forward in many ways. This in itself requires another 100 days/100 ideas.