Day 73Many students in the MBA say that they learn just as much from their peers as they do from the structured MBA programme. How could an MBA facilitate more learning from peers as a way to develop a deeper and more personalized programme?

The Future MBA will provide students, staff and faculty as well as alumni the opportunity to make a note in their profiles of a limited number of special skills they have that they are willing to share. This could be basic skills which are useful during the MBA such as how to create complex Excel spreadsheets, public speaking, budgeting, creating a website or time management. It could be more specialized expertise like how to scale up business ideas, provide legal and tax advice or hiring employees. The skills could be around different career options such as careers in consulting, finance or NGOs. The skills could even be non-business skills such as how to grow a vegetable garden, preparing for a baby or how to brew your own beer. In this way individuals in the school community who have a question about a particular topic or are interested in building their skill and knowledge base can approach specific individuals or group of individuals willing to share some of their expertise.