Day 72Increasingly much of business and business teaching is focused on short-term measures of value often at the expense of long-term thinking that can create stronger and more sustainable organizations. How can we ensure that business school graduates put proper emphasis on long-term thinking and planning, and understand how to balance this with the medium and short term?

The Future MBA will have a course specifically focused on Long Term Thinking. This course will explore how to think and plan long term in a business environment that is increasingly focused on the short term. It will explore what long-term thinking and goals look like including visionary goals and how to plan these and eventually reach them. It will explore and encourage students to create new business models and products that focus and succeed based on long-term thinking. The course will also look at how to balance short-term expectations with long-term goals, and the different incentive structures present in terms of behaviours and organizational cultures that promote short-term thinking and what could be done to change these.