Day 70It is crucial that we train the next generation of managers and leaders to both understand sustainability and be able to put it into practice throughout their careers and in any job they have. The key to this happening isn’t necessarily the range of courses, or the experiences, or technology. The key is what they are being taught in the classroom and more importantly how they are being taught. The challenge is that the teachers themselves are often not equipped with the tools, time, and sometimes even the desire to teach sustainability effectively as their training and their reputation usually revolves around research.

The Future MBA will give professors the choice of three tracks. They can become researchers, teachers or a combination of the two. Depending on the track they choose, they will go through additional training during their PhD and periodically after. Researchers will be provided with additional communication skills to be able to repackage and communicate their research to a number of interested audiences. Professors who choose to be teachers will be provided with additional training in curriculum development and effective teaching methods. Professors can choose one track for their whole careers or change on a more short term basis, and they will be rewarded and judged based on specific criteria relevant to their chosen track.