Day 67The challenge with providing one type of testing to enter into the MBA is that you inevitably attract a certain kind of person who is able to perform in that test. How can the MBA better attract a wider range of students into their programme who despite not having a strong background in math/reasoning would be valuable additions to the MBA community and very successful alumni?

The Future MBA will have a range of different ways to gain admission into the programme, in addition to the traditional entrance test. Students have the chance to go through one or several different ways to raise their chances of entry depending on their educational and career background. One way would be the Admissions Bootcamp. Here potential students would come to campus for a long weekend or two during or before their admission process where they would be introduced to a range of basic business skills they will need to successfully complete the MBA and be put through some individual and group exercises. Not only would this allow the school to assess their suitability, it will also give potential students a chance to learn more about the school and make an impression with the admissions officers.