Day 66For most, the post graduation job search starts the day you arrive on campus to begin your MBA. In fact, before students have even had a chance to sit back and think about their future and the different options they have, they have already missed recruiting for several industries. Students often don’t have the chance to explore the full range of career options available to them and recruiters strict recruitment schedule often puts additional pressures on students that take them away from the MBA itself.

In the Future MBA students will be enrolled in a class which will spread over the duration of their studies focused on careers and personal development. The course will introduce a wide range of career options with guest speakers and presentations from each as well as information sharing from current students and alumni with experience in those different industries and types of jobs. It will look at career progression in and between different industries and will teach students effective job search skills for during the MBA and further along in their career and how to prepare themselves through their CV, networking, cover letters etc. The course will provide space for students to explore their career and life goals in the short, medium and long term. Towards the end of the course, the students will take a look at what success means to them throughout their career, the kind of balance they want to have and what is important to them. It will also look at how to identify and take advantages of opportunities throughout your career, how to deal with stress and how to make difficult choices throughout their career/life.