Day 65The good thing, and bad thing about an MBA is that it immerses you in a world of business for months. Most business students have very little exposure to anything non business related during their degree programme. If we need a new generation of leaders who have a multidispclinary frame, how can we expose MBA students to other disciplines throughout their programme?

The Future MBA will require all students to complete a minor in a topic outside of the business school. If the business school is part of a larger university they will have access to programmes on campus. For other schools, students would have the opportunity to take courses at schools in their city, in their country or internationally based on what specifically they are interested in. For example a student interested in going into the fashion business could do a minor at a Fashion school in London, New York or Milan. Other students may choose minors in drama or engineering. This would not only give students the chance to learn different perspectives but the possibility to interact with those working in another field and to share knowledge and learnings across disciplines.