Day 64The MBA is an intense, 1-2 year programme focused on business. But the business sector operates within a much wider environment that is not fully explored or presented within the degree. How can we create a generation of graduates that have a better understanding of the world that business works within, is affected by and in turn also impacts?

The Social Environment is a core course focused on providing students with a basic but sound background on what is happening on planet Earth. This course looks at the impact of the 7 billion humans on earth, where they are and what they are doing. This includes population and demographics, indigenous and aboriginal people, and customs including language and religion and tangible and intangible culture. It will look at the impact of humans on earth including buildings, urbanization, transportation, agriculture etc as well as international development more broadly. The course will also introduce students to the range of international goals, targets and organizations working to strengthen and protect our social environment at the local, national, regional and international level, and learn why this is relevant for business.