Day 60Some of the most popular courses during the MBA are those related to entrepreneurship. A large number of students and graduates have plans to one day start their own business and this course introduces them to how to do that. The Future MBA will provide an opportunity for students to not just learn about starting a business but to actually start one during their time on campus.

There will be a series of 24/48 hour entrepreneurship boot camps over the programme. At each bootcamp a group of students will need to present their business idea and the rest of the students will help, in the period of 24-48 hours, to get that business idea off the ground (basic business plan, website, prototypes etc.). In addition to business students and faculty, students from other disciplines such as engineering, design, advisors, funders etc. will be present. The students will then put into practice their small business idea for the duration of the programme (and beyond if desired) and have opportunities to reflect on lessons learnt.