Day 58The MBA is an intense, 1-2 year programme focused on business. But the business sector operates within a much wider environment that is not fully explored or presented within the degree but which significantly impacts and is affected by the business sector. How can we create a generation of graduates that have a better understanding of the world that business works within, is affected by and in turn also impacts?

The Natural Environment is a series of core courses focused on providing students with a basic but sound background of what is happening on planet Earth and how our natural environment affects our daily lives and the way we work today and in the future. The Natural Environment covers a lot of lessons students may have been introduced to in elementary and high school but have long since forgotten. Topics covered will includes an introduction to biodiversity, climate, ecosystems, water and how the world’s systems are all connected. It will also explore the impact that humans are having on the planet, both positive and negative, and the range of international goals, targets and organizations working to strengthen and protect the natural environment at the local, national, regional and international level.