Day 57The environment in which we work in the future will be much different than it is today. Fixed working days, long hours, short vacations will be replaced with more flexible options that see productivity and innovation increase substantially. There will be a renewed focus on what is important – a balance between work, life, family, friends, community- without being at the expense of business. We will work smarter.

In order for this necessary change to happen though, we will need our future leaders to have a better understanding and respect for the importance of Life in the Life/Work balance and how they can help to create a business environment that accepts, supports and thrives on this shift in balance.

The Future MBA will have a range of experiences throughout the programme that will not just provide an overview of some of the challenges of balancing work and life at different stages of the student’s career but will also expose students to a range of issues that they, or those that work around them or eventually for them may experience through their working lives and how to work with these.  This includes for example the changes that having a family has on your career and how to provide a space to enable parents to be more successful at both roles including paternity and maternity leaves.

Having a better understanding of some of these topics will also enable students to better respond to employees they work with or who work for them moving forward, the situations that they find themselves in and how to create a work environment that brings the best out of those working within it.