One of the key challenges in ensuring that the next generation of leaders are fluent in sustainability is to embed it into the curriculum so that students not just understand these concepts as they relate to the core topics taught in the MBA, but also know how to put them into practice. The challenge however is that faculty themselves often do not have the expertise, the knowledge or the time and space to explore these topics in their courses in useful and relevant ways. How do we connect faculty so they can learn from each other how to incorporate sustainability into their courses and research?

The Future MBA will have a social network for faculty which enables them to connect, collaborate and learn from each other. The network will connect faculty from within the same university to facilitate the sharing of information. It will also connect faculty based on location, subject matter or research interests. Faculty can connect with others that are teaching the same course at other schools to share course material, experiences and resources. An area will be dedicated to faculty with ideas that they would like to work with others to find possible collaborators or even funders. A series of regular virtual brown bag lunches will give faculty the chance to learn more about the work being done by other faculty around the world around sustainability topics.