Day 51In the future, Individuals will be able to create their own MBA, taking a range of core topics at whatever time and in whatever location they want. Students would note their current knowledge level in a particular topic (beginning, average, advanced), and would be given the opportunity to join classes that correspond to that level in terms of both the content that it provides and the way it is delivered (language, tone, speed etc.). Students would then be connected with a range of courses delivered by faculty, fellow students and other experts working in the field in the business sector, NGOs or International Organizations. The courses could be delivered online, over the phone, on campus or in person in any location around the world.

While this system would work for full courses, it would be even more useful for specific parts of courses. For example a lecture for an MBA class in the UK looking at how to manage conservation projects in rural communities could connect to a student doing their MBA in India working in a rural community on conservation projects to deliver the lecture, or a course exploring reporting standards could connect with the Global Reporting Initiative to deliver that particular lecture.