Day 46More and more businesses are opening flagship stores where they invite the public to be part of their brand and to interact with it. Business schools on the other hand are often locked buildings only accessible to students and staff and future business leaders. How do we facilitate interaction between the business school and the community?

In the Future, business schools will have a store front on campus or elsewhere in the city, and even in other cities around the world, where the school can interact with the community. This centre, staffed by students, staff, faculty, researchers, alumni and even business partners would be a space for the public, local businesses, community groups and individuals to interact with the school and vice versa and to raise the profile and knowledge about the business school and the work they do.

The ‘store’ could have a variety of elements including interactive information on programmes the school offers. It would have presentation of past, current and future research topics, in a format and language easily accessible to the general public as well as giving opportunities to get engaged in or use some of this research. An area similar to the well known “genius bar” at Apple stores would be a space for individuals to sign up for one on one sessions with subject matter experts to discuss topics of their choosing (see Day 41). Advisory services on sustainability topics would be available, even admission interviews could be given in these spaces.