Day 44At the age of about 60 many individuals retire. These individuals are extremely knowledgeable, have an incredible skill set, a lot of experience as well as a calmness and maturity that often comes from having seen a lot of things and knowing which battles to fight and what is really important. But once they retire more often than not that knowledge, and those skills are lost. We do not put enough value on the more experienced members of our society even though they really are a key to moving sustainability forward today.

The Future MBA would include a short programme specifically aimed at individuals who are thinking of, or have already retired. Students would have access to a set of courses that are specifically focused on the questions and concerns that this group of students has, but they would also have access to everything else happening on campus, campus events, clubs and electives. In this way in addition to preparing themselves for this new phase of their life, they would also be actively contributing to the education and knowledge sharing that is happening on campus, with the other students, with faculty, with staff and with the community.

Note: I’ve been talking about this MBA since before my father retired many years ago. Anyone can take this idea as long as they offer him a full scholarship.