Day 41Business schools around the world are home to some of great minds, individuals who have spent their life studying a particular topic. They have an incredible amount of knowledge but very few people get the opportunity to learn from these individuals unless you attend one of their classes, or read their book. How could we create a Business School where professors are available to share their expertise to a wider community?

The Future MBA could have a range of “Genius Bar”( inspired by Apple Flagship stores). Professors and subject matter experts, or “Geniuses”, will be available for short periods of time (maybe 20 minutes) to meet with any student, staff, or other individual from the wider community so they can ask questions, discuss their topic, or ask for advice. These short meetings would take place through the MBA Flagship Store (Day 46), or Pop up Shops (Day 3), online platforms or on campus meetings.

For the local community this means the opportunity to interact and learn from specialists they usually don’t have access to and for the professors engaged in the programme it will mean opportunities to explore the broader implications and reach of their work and research.