Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.58.08University campuses are complex environments that require a large amount of energy for lighting, computers, technology, air conditioning and heating. The Future MBA will be energy self-sufficient. It will not only generate enough energy for its uses on campus but will also be able to support other businesses located nearby.

Schools will continue to become more energy efficient by minimizing energy use and through using leading edge technologies. In order to support their energy needs at this point they will tap into a range of renewable energy options depending on their location including but not limited to wind, solar or geothermal. Flooring across campus will collect kinetic energy of students and staff walking, running, dancing and walking up the stairs across campus to be used. Gym equipment such as bike use will help to generate power to run the gym or revolving doors in front of the cafeteria will collect energy for the cafeteria.

Students and staff will be actively engaged in exploring possible options and putting them into practice.