Could you train the next generation of business leaders without them every having to attend a class? What if the MBA had no classes, no book, and no curriculum?

Instead students accepted into this MBA would learn by working in teams to solve a series of local, national, regional and international challenges. These challenges, which would be set by a range of organizations, businesses, NGOs and governments, would be ones that they were currently dealing with around a range of sustainability topics. One challenge could be to develop an alternative to GDP, another could be around creating a new business model or a new product, while another could be how to change an unsustainable behaviour in the community. All of these challenges would be ones that these organizations are currently grappling with, and where solutions would help make an impact.

Students accepted into the progamme would have access to a building with different work spaces and tools to enable them to work on these challenges, as well as to create and test out prototype solutions. There would be access to a range of interdisciplinary resources and experts based on the assigned task. There would be no tuition, rather it would be funded via the businesses and organizations that sponsor projects as well as alumni.