Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.51.30The MBA is an expensive degree, especially when you add in living and ‘networking’ expenses. This undoubtedly precludes many prospective students from benefiting from completing one. Graduates usually end up with higher salaries when they’re finished. But not all students benefit from this and this debt often forces students to choose certain jobs over others and filters the kind of students that apply in the first place.

If the Future MBA is a program where students are trained and prepared to be the sustainable leaders that organizations and the world needs today and tomorrow, they will play a crucial role in society. If this is the case, then society as a whole may be able to help cover some, or all of the costs of such a programme. How exactly this may happen will have to be explored (undoubtedly in upcoming days) but could be covered for example through a tax on the business sector or might involve students working on specific consulting project throughout their degree to help cover costs.

Education is key to a healthy society and organizations and as such should be accessible to all, especially if it is a degree programme that becomes focused on making a sustainable future more attainable.