Day 33Business school campuses are often beautifully landscaped with a range of, hopefully native, plants and flowers. But what if the campus land was used as an opportunity to teach, engage, and feed, the university community?

The Future MBA campus will be planted with native fruit trees and other edible plants. Yearly harvest time will be a festival which sees students, staff and alumni come back to campus to pick the fruits. All produce will be used on campus, sold at local markets creating a fund to help support the management of the campus farm. All that is harvested will be used; over ripened fruit may be used to create jams and other products. Waste will be turned into compost and used on campus or sold. The campus may also have bee hives which provide not just the pollinators but a regular supply of high quality MBA honey to be sold or used as school gifts to visitors. Some schools may take this even further and have animals grazing in common areas or planting crops on the football field over the summer holidays. Designated areas will be divided into small plots that students and staff can borrow for one or several school terms to try their hand at planting fruits and vegetables.  The possibilities are endless.