When it comes to choosing an MBA, rankings rule. But what do these rankings really tell you about a school? They may say a lot about how you will be viewed post graduation for future jobs etc., but do they really say anything about the quality of the education that you will receive or the position an education institution has in society? How do we create a ranking that rewards creativity, transformation, and the ability to prepare future leaders rather than the status quo or post MBA salary?

Future rankings will be generated based on the value that a business school provides to society. This value will be created based on research, community engagement, quality of education and training programmes among other things. The measure of value will not be a quantitative one so more research will not necessarily give you a better ranking. It will be based on the value of that research to society in the short, medium and long term. The values for the differing rankings will be generated by society including students (recent and long time graduates), peers, business partners, the community etc.