Day 25Walk through the halls of most MBA programmes and you will see piles of today’s edition of the Financial Times or this weeks Economist waiting to be picked up by students who have subscribed. The Future MBA will introduce students to a range of other interesting publications, books, magazines, articles, blogs etc. that exist and encourage them to think about the topics that they are interested in in different ways.

For example, students will have the opportunity to subscribe, through the schools revamped Library, to a special subscription service where every week they will be sent a series of virtual and physical publications. Based on a set of preferences set into the system, the subscription service will not send them publications that they have likely already heard of or are already subscribed to. Rather it will introduce them to new publications which deal with their topics of interest but in different ways and from different perspectives. In this way students will be exposed to a range of new ideas and publications that they may never have found on their own, bringing another dimension to the MBA library and their learning. The service would also be available to alumni.