Day 22One of the most important skills for managers and leaders is communication. Communication skills differentiate good managers from simple MBA graduates.  Despite this, business schools are currently in the process of taking out many of the opportunities that currently exist for students to further develop and explore these skills.

Communication 101 is one of a couple of communication focused classes that the Future MBA could include. Rather than assume these are lessons that students are learning during their time in the programme, this course deals with the topic explicitly. This course will focus on how to present an idea simply and effectively to a wide range of different audiences. This can be communicating with employees above, at your own level or your direct reports, communicating to business partners, to a local community or to the general public. How to communicate with the media whether that be sharing news of a success or managing a negative situation.  A large part of the class will focus on how to communicate across culture. The class also explores how to present an idea or message through various presentation techniques with a focus on getting the audience engaged and involved.